Instrumental Big Band Charts (B)

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Title Vocal Key Arranger/Composer Style Notes Instrumentation

B & B Bellson, Louis 5/4/4/4

B.J.’s Back In Town Maynard Ferguson 5/4/4/4

Babalu Comstock, Frank Latin 5/3/3/4

Baby Blue Eyes Harland, J. Fox-Trot Jack Held & Harry French / Optional Vocals (Eb) / Lyrics Not Available 4/2/1/3 (S)

Baby Elephant Walk Mancini, Henry From the Paramount Picture ‘HATARI” 5/4/3/4 (S)

Baby Face Stuart, Walt Rock / Paso Doble Optional Vocals (Bb) 5/4/4/4

Baby Won’t You Please Come Home Osser, Glenn 5/3/3/4

Baby, It’s Cold Outside Matthias, Jack Swing Optional Vocals (Db) / Lyrics Sheet 5/3/3/4

Baby, It’s Cold Outside Db Matthias, Jack Swing Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Bach 2 Part Invention (in D minor) Goodwin, Gordon 5/4/4/4

Bachafillen (Bacha Feelin’) Brown, Garnett 5/4/4/3

Bacharach Medley Stuart, Walt Medley: This Guy’s In Love With You, Alfie & Close To You 5/4/3/3

Back At The Chicken Shack Jones, Quincy 5/4/4/4

Back At The Chicken Shack Leonard, Ray Shuffle A Jimmy Smith Compositon 5/4/4/4

Back Bacon Blues McDougall, Ian Blues Boogaloo Recorded by Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass on Umbrella Records 5/4/4/4

Back Bay Shuffle Bambridge, John Tonight Show Band 5/5/5/4

Back Bay Shuffle Houghton, Ernie Artie Shaw Record Copy 5/4/4/3

Back Bay Shuffle Murphy, Spud Swing Artie Shaw 5/3/3/4

Back Bay Shuffle Murphy, Spud Swing An Artie Shaw & Teddy MacRae Composition 5/4/4/4

Back Bay Shuffle Stuart, Walt Swing An Artie Shaw & Teddy McRae Composition 5/4/4/4

Back Beat Boogie Matthias, Jack Jump Harry James 4/3/2/4 (S)

Back Bone Jones, Thad 5/4/4/4

Back Burner Pastore, Carmine Jazz 5/4/4/4

Back Home Menza, Don 5/5/5/4

Back Home Nestico, Sammy 5/4/4/4

Back Home Again In Indiana Holman, Bill Tonight Show Band 5/5/4/4

Back In Your Own Back Yard Warrington, Johnny 5/4/4/4

Back Of The Bus LaBarbera, John Jazz Waltz Part 3 of “A Piece Of The Road Suite” 5/4/4/4

Back Road, The Carney, Gary Rock 5/4/4/4

Back Street Blues Nestico, Sammy Jazz 5/4/4/4

Back To Basie Pendowski, Mike Swing 5/4/4/4

Back To The Beat Osser, Glenn Swing 5/4/4/4

Backrow Politics Goodwin, Gordon As Recorded by Gordon Goodwin’s BIG PHAT BAND 5/4/4/4

Backwoods Sideman LaBarbera, John Rock 5/4/4/4

Bad Bad Leroy Brown Comstock, Frank Boogie Rock 5/3/3/4

Bad Bad Leroy Brown Sanford, William Rock Boogie A Jim Croce Composition 5/4/4/4

Bad Bad Leroy Brown Wolpe, Dave Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Bad Burn In Poteau Mantooth, Frank Rock 5/4/4/4

Bad Samba Steinberg, Jeff Samba 5/5/5/4

Bag A’ Bones Hefti, Neal 5/4/4/4

Bags’ New Groove Bartles, Alf A Milt Jackson Composition 5/4/4/4

Bahia Chattaway, Jay Latin Rock 5/4/4/4

Bahiana Cole, George Samba Optional Spanish Vocals (G) 4/3/2/4 (S)

Baia Richards, Johnny Guajira 5/4/4/4

Baia Weirick, Paul Samba 4/3/2/4 (S)

Baker Street Wolpe, Dave A Gerry Rafferty Composition 5/4/4/4

Bakerloo Nonstop Skinner, Colin (Transcribed) Swing Ted Heath 5/4/4/3

Bakerloo Non-Stop Evans, Geoffrey (Transcribed) Swing Kenny Baker & Jack Parnell 5/4/4/3

Balboa Bash Noble, Jiggs Stan Kenton 5/3/3/4

Bali Hai F Mason, Jack From the Musical Play “SOUTH PACIFIC” / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Ballad Brookmeyer, Bob Gerry Mulligan 5/4/3/3

Ballad For A Bluebird Feldstein, Sandy Ballad / Jazz 4/2/2/4

Ballad For A Friend Herbolzheimer, Peter Solo Flugelhorn or Tenor Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Ballad For A Lady Ayoub, Nick Ballad Solo Flugelhorn Feature 5/5/4/4

Ballad For Brigitte Hare, Alan 5/4/4/4

Ballad For Jenny DeCamp, Carroll Ballad Alto Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Ballad For Stormy Fenno, Dick 5/4/4/4

Ballade For Trombone McVey, Larry Ballad Bass Trombone Feature 5/4/5/4

Ballin’ The Jack Bb Burris, Jim & Smith, Chris Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Ballin’ The Jack Smith, Chris & Burris, Jim No Drums Part 4/2/1/3

Ballin’ The Jack Warrington, Johnny 5/4/4/4

Ban Con San Davis, Ron Salsa Orquesta De La Luz 5/4/4/4

Banana Boat Song, The Eb Warrington, Johnny Calypso Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Band Of Gold Clinton, Larry Fox-Trot 5/3/3/4 (S)

Band Played On, The Flanagan, Ralph Fox-Trot 5/4/4/4

Bandstand Boogie Higgins, John Swing 5/4/4/4

Bandstand Boogie Korey, Pete Swing Elgart Version 5/4/4/4

Bandstand Boogie Lowden, Bob Swing 5/4/4/4

Bandstand Boogie Nowak, Jerry Swing 5/3/3/4

Bandstand Boogie Stuart, Walt 5/4/4/4

Banzai Pipeline Reisman, Joe Rock Shuffle Henry Mancini 5/4/4/3

Barbara Ann Jennings, Paul Rock & Roll A Fred Fassert Composition 5/4/4/3

Barbara Ann Norred, Larry Rock A Fred Fassert Composition 5/4/4/4

Barcarolle Murphy, Spud Swing From Offenbach’s “Tales Of Horffman” / Tommy Dorsey 4/3/2/3

Barcarolle Murphy, Spud Swing From Offenbach’s “Tales Of Horffman” / Tommy Dorsey 5/4/4/3

Bare Necessities, The Nestico, Sammy Jazz From Walt Disney’s “THE JUNGLE BOOK” 5/4/4/4

Bari Bari Good Clark, Andy Swing Bari Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Bari Thought Of You, The Blair, Peter Shuffle Dedicated to Dr. Mike Pauers / Solo Baritone Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Bari-Sen-Shuls Zinn, Jerry Rock Solo Bari Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Barn Dance Medley #1 Hyde, Paul (Dr. Bone) For Me & My Gal, Give Me A Little Cosy Corner, Lulu’s Back In Town & Pretty Baby 5/4/4/4

Barnburner Hooper, Les Swing 5/4/4/4

Barnyard Blues La Rocca, D. J. Jazz Fox-Trot Transcribed by Ragnar Hellspong 4/2/1/3 (S)

Basically Blues Wilson, Phil Swing Buddy Rich 5/4/4/4

Basic-Ally Yours Jones, Thad Swing 5/5/5/4

Basie Land Byers, Billy 5/4/4/4

Basie Street Bari Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Basie, Straight Ahead Nestico, Sammy Swing Recorded by Count Basie & His Orchestra 5/4/4/4

Basie, Straight Ahead Nestico, Sammy Swing Professional Version 5/4/4/4

Basie’s Blues In C Harpin, Jon 5/4/4/4

Basie’s Boogie 5/4/4/4

Basie’s Buddy B LaBarbera, John 5/4/4/4

Basie’s Count Paige, Bert & Stone, Pol Swing 5/3/2/4 (S)

Basin Street Blues Eb Henderson, Fletcher Bounce Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4

Basin Street Blues Jennings, Paul Dixieland Swing 5/4/4/3

Basin Street Blues Jennings, Paul Swing 5/4/4/4

Basin Street Blues Prince, Joe Solo Trumpet Feature 5/4/4/4

Basin Street Blues Shew, Bobby Solo Trumpet Feature 5/5/4/4

Basin Street Blues C Warrington, Johnny Blues Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Basin Street Blues Warrington, Johnny Blues 5/3/3/4

Bass Ball Hulbert, Snooky Bounce 5/3/3/3

Bass Chops Dedrick, Chris Bugaloo 5/4/4/4

Bass Folk Song Klatka, Tony Stanley Clarke / As Recorded on THUNDERING HERD / Woody Herman 5/5/3/3

Bass-Balling It Prehm, Ray Blues Bass Solo Feature 5/4/4/4

Batman Theme Sheldon, Earl Rock A Neil Hefti Composition 5/4/4/4

Battery Charger Byers, Billy 5/4/4/4

Battle Hymn Of The Republic Nowak, Jerry Dixieland 5/4/4/4

Battle Hymn Of The Republic Osser, Glenn Bounce 5/4/4/4

Battle Hymn Of The Republic Wilson, Ed Swing Shuffle / Rock Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Battle Royal Count Basie-Duke Ellington 5/4/4/3

Baytrail Shuffle Schneider, Maria Shuffle 5/4/4/3

Be Strommen, Carl Latin Rock Neil Diamond 5/4/4/4

Be My Love G Sauter, Eddie From the MGM Picture “The Toast Of New Orleans” / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Be Nimble, Jack Clark, Paul Jazz 5/5/5/4

Beach Boys Medley Holmes, Jeff Optional Vocals / California Girls, Wouldn’t It Be Nice & Help Me Rhonda 5/4/4/4

Beach Rumba Rumba Master Rhythm Sheet 5/4/4/4

Beale Street Blues Warrington, Johnny Swing 5/3/3/4

Beantown Blues Niehaus, Lennie Blues 5/4/4/3

Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar Schoen, Vic Boogie Woogie Optional Vocals (Bb) / Lyrics Sheet 4/3/3/4 (S)

Beatles Hits Medley #3 Price, S.P. Rock Medley: Get Back, John And Yoko & Back In The USSR 5/4/4/4

Beatles Hits No. 1 Medley (Side One) Muston, Jeff Medley: She Loves You, All My Loving & Can’t Buy Me Love 5/4/4/4

Beatles Hits No. 1 Medley (Side Two) Muston, Jeff Medley: I Want To Hold Your Hand, From Me To You & A Hard Day’s Night 5/4/4/4

Beatles Quickstep Medley #1 Swing Medley: I Feel Fine, Tell Me Why & Eight Days A Week 5/4/4/4

Beatnik Bounce McLin, Edward Bounce 5/3/3/4

Beautiful Flower Alva, Albert Bossa 5/4/4/3

Beautiful Friendship, A Nestico, Sammy A Stanley Styne & Donald Kahn Composition 5/4/4/4

Beautiful Love McKee, Paul Swing Bobby Shew / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/4/4/4

Beautiful Maria Of My Soul Gm Amy, Matt Samba TSO Commissioned / Substitute Trombone Solo 5/4/4/5 (S)

Beautiful Old Ladies Petersen, Edward Harold Battiste / Solo Trumpet Feature / Master Rhythm Sheet 5/4/3/4

Beauty And The Beast Berry, John Ballad From Walt Disney’s “Beauty And The Beast” 5/3/3/4

Beauty And The Beast Nestico, Sammy Ballad 5/4/4/4

Beauty And The Beast Stuart, Walt Ballad 5/4/4/3

Beauty And The Beast Wolber, Rod Rock Ballad Arturo Sandoval / Solo Trumpet 5/4/4/4

Beauty School Dropout Wasson, John From “GREASE” 5/4/4/4

Be-Bop Cates, F.S. Dizzy Gillespie 5/4/4/4

Be-Bop Flory, Med As Recorded by SUPERSAX on Capitol Records 5/1/1/3

Bebop And Roses Broadbent, Alan Woody Herman 5/5/5/4

Bebop Charlie Florence, Bob 6/5/4/4

Because Of You Eb Weirick, Paul Arthur Hammerstein & Dudley Wilkinson / Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4

Beefsteak Charlies’ Coulman, Pete Funk 5/4/4/4

Beer Barrel Polka Haring, Bob Polka Special Phonograph Arrangement / Optional Vocals (F) 4/3/2/4 (S)

Beer Barrel Polka Lowden, Bob Polka 5/4/4/4

Beethoven’s Fifth Lowden, Bob Funky Disco 5/4/4/4

Begin The Beguine Barone, Mike Latin 5/4/3/4

Begin The Beguine Eberhart, Bob (Transcribed) Les Elgart Record Copy 5/4/4/4

Begin The Beguine Eberhart, Bob (Transcribed) As Performed by Ted Heath / Record Copy 5/4/5/4

Begin The Beguine Gray, Jerry An Artie Shaw Arrangement / From the Musical Production “JUBILEE” 5/4/4/4

Begin The Beguine Hest, Jeff (Transcribed) As Recorded by Artie Shaw / Solo Clarinet or Trumpet 5/4/4/4

Begin The Beguine Holman, Bill Swing Transcribed by McMillen / Tonight Show Band / Trumpet Feature 5/5/4/4

Begin The Beguine Holman, Bill Swing Tonight Show Band / Trumpet Feature 5/5/4/4

Begin The Beguine C Mason, Jack Beguine Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Begin The Beguine Niehaus, Lennie Swing As Recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra / Solo Trombone 5/5/5/4

Begin The Beguine Sears, Jerry Swing Cole Porter / Optional Vocals (C) 5/4/4/4

Beguine Medley Graf, Eddie Latin Medley: You Belong To My Heart, Perfidia & Come Closer To Me 5/4/4/3

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen Boulestreau, Georges Jacob Jacobs & Sholom Secunda / Horns and Bass Feature 4/1/1/1

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen Collins, Myles 5/4/4/4

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen Em Mundy, Jimmy Benny Goodman / Substitute Clarinet Solo 5/4/4/3

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen Roskovsky, I. Swing 5/4/4/4

Bein’ Green Barduhn, Dave Ballad As Recorded by the Dave Barduhn Big Band on “BARDUHN” / Trombone Solo 5/4/4/4

Bell Bottom Trousers Weirick, Paul Louis Prima / Moe Jaffe / Optional Vocals (Bb) / No Drums Part 4/3/2/3 (S)

Bellavia Lewis, Fred Latin Ballad A Chuck Mangione Chart 5/4/4/4

Belle Of The Ball Warrington, Johnny Waltz 5/3/3/4 (S)

Belly Roll (The Boy In The Tree) Jones, Quincy & Nestico, Sammy Quincy Jones 5/4/4/4

Benny Goodman Medley Medley: Don’t Be That Way, And The Angels Sing & Stompin’ At The Savoy 5/4/4/4

Benny’s Bugle Mundy, Jimmy Bounce Benny Goodman 4/3/2/4

Berlin Dialogues For Orchestra 1970 Nelson, Oliver Commissioned by Berliner Jazztage 6/4/4/3

Bernie’s Tune Comstock, Frank Swing 5/3/3/4

Bernie’s Tune Count Basie Library 5/4/4/4

Besame Mucho Barone, Mike Salsa / Jazz 5/5/4/4

Besame Mucho Bellson, Louis P. 5/4/4/4

Besame Mucho Gm Bondarev, Sergey As Recorded by Diane Schuur & M. Ferguson / Substitute Tenor Sax Solo 5/4/4/4 (S)

Besame Mucho Comstock, Frank Swing 5/3/3/4

Besame Mucho Dm Mason, Jack Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4 (S)

Besame Mucho Mason, Jack Fox-Trot Optional Vocals (Dm) 5/4/4/4

Besame Mucho Saville, Tommy Latin 5/4/4/4

Best Coast LaBarbera, John Jazz Waltz Buddy Rich / Trombone Feature 5/4/4/3

Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, The Lowden, Bob Funk Medley: In The Stone, That’s The Way of The World & September 5/4/4/4

Best Of Gloria Estefan, The Lopez, Victor Latin Rock / Funk Medley: Bad Boy, Words Get In The Way, Rhythm Is Gonna Get You & Conga 5/4/4/4

Best Of The Doobies, The Lowden, Bob Funky Medley: Listen To The Music, What A Fool Believes & Takin’ It To The Streets 5/4/4/4

Better Days Ahead Lindsay, Gary Latin A Pat Metheny Composition 5/5/4/4

Better Git Hit In Your Soul Hammer, Bob Charles Mingus 5/5/4/4

Better Git Hit In Your Soul Johnson, Sy Blues Charles Mingus 5/4/4/4

Betty’s Grable Brendle, Hal Swing As Played by Harry James 5/4/4/4

Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea Niehaus, Lennie Bounce Stan Kenton 5/5/4/4

Beulah Witch Lane, Chris (Transcribed) Funk Don Menza / Buddy Rich 5/4/4/4

Beulah Witch Menza, Don Rock 5/5/5/4

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered Db Mason, Jack Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Beyond The Blue Horizon G Lally, Jimmy From the Paramount Picture ‘MONTE CARLO” / Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/3

Beyond The Limit Mintzer, Bob 5/4/4/0

Beyond The Sea Holmes, Roger Swing A Charles Trenet Composition 5/4/4/4

Beyond The Sea Weirick, Paul Optional Vocals (F) 5/3/3/4 (S)

Beyond The Sea (La Mer) Mantooth, Frank Swing / Latin A Charles Trenet Composition 5/4/4/4

B-Gin Da Beguine Eberhart, Bob Ted Heath Record Copy 5/4/5/4

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song) F Alexander, Van From Walt Disney’s “CINDERELLA” / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Biddle-De-Bop Samba, The Jones, Thad Samba 5/5/4/4

Bierwalzer Erst, James Waltz German band arrangement 2/2/2/4

Big Bad Band Wilkins, Ernie Swing Clark Terry / Solo Trumpet 5/5/4/4

Big Bad Blues Wilkins, Ernie 5/4/4/4

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Swing Medley Swing 5/2/1/4

Big Band Ballad Gold, Marty & Feldstein, Sandy 5/4/4/4

Big Band Ballad Gold, Marty & Feldstein, Sandy 5/4/4/4

Big Band Ballad Salute #4 Stuart, Walt Medley: The Song Is Ended, Star Dreams,Smoke Rings, Snowfall, etc. 5/4/4/4

Big Band Christmas 2, A Strommen, Carl Medley: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Auld Lang Syne, etc. 5/4/4/4

Big Band Christmas, A Strommen, Carl Medley: On The First Day of Christmas, Jingle Bells, etc. 5/4/4/4

Big Band Milestones Nestico, Sammy Swing Medley: A String Of Pearls, Li’l Darlin’ & Opus One 5/4/4/4

Big Band Singer Ab > Bb Holcombe, Bill Swing Full String Orchestra Instrumentation Option 4/4/4/3 (S)

Big Band Swing Lowden, Bob Swing Medley: Opus One, Yes Indeed & Swinging On A Star 5/4/4/4

Big Band Swing Medley McLain, Don Swing Les Elgart 5/4/3/4

Big Band’s Bach Leonetti, Tommy Rock Edited by John Cacavas 5/4/4/4

Big Cat, The Saville, Tommy 5/4/4/3

Big Chase, The Paich, Marty From the Kenton Library 5/5/5/4

Big City Paige, Bert & Stone, Pol 5/3/3/4

Big City Blues Brookmeyer, Bob Gerry Mulligan 5/4/3/2

Big Dipper Jones, Thad Blues As Recorded by the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra on “Central Park North” 5/4/4/4

Big Foot Country Wilkins, Ernie Rock 5/4/4/4

Big John’s Special Henebry, Mike (Transcribed) As Recorded by Benny Goodman 5/3/2/3

Big Mama Cass Sebesky, Don Jazz Rock As Recorded by the Buddy Rich Big Band on “MERCY, MERCY” 5/4/4/4

Big Noise From Winnetka Custer, Calvin Swing 5/4/4/4

Big Noise From Winnetka Lavender, Paul 5/4/4/4

Big Noise From Winnetka Owen, Reg Blues Optional Vocals (Fm) 5/3/2/4

Big Rock, The Brown, Marshall As Recorded by The Newport Youth Band on Coral Records 5/4/4/4

Big Scramble, The Secor, Bob Swing Mike Vax / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/5/4/4

Big Show, The Mintzer, Bob Reggae Swing 5/4/4/4

Big Spender Dm Green, Roy Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4

Big Spender Warrington, Johnny Optional Vocals (Fm) 5/4/4/4

Big Sur, The Richmond, Kim Originally written for the Stan Kenton Orchestra 5/6/5/4

Big Swing Face Eberhart, B. Buddy Rich 5/4/4/4

Big Swing Face Potts, Bill Swing As Recorded by the Buddy Rich Big Band 5/4/4/4

Big Time Operator Blair, Peter Jump Swing A Scotty Morris Composition / Recorded by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 5/4/4/4

Bijou Bishop, Joe Rhuma a la Jazz A Ralph Burns Composition 5/4/4/4

Bijou Burns, Ralph Woody Herman 5/5/4/4

Bill Bailey Barduhn, Dave Bop Saxophone Section Feature 5/4/4/4

Bill Bailey Holman, Bill 5/4/4/4

Bill Bailey Kubis, Tom Swing / Dixieland 5/4/4/4

Billie Jean Jennings, Paul Rock Recorded by Michael Jackon on THRILLER 5/4/4/4

Billie’s Bounce Holman, Bill Bebop A Charlie Parker Composition / Arranged for Terry Gibbs / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/3

Bill’s Blues Stapleton, Bill Swing As Recorded on the album THE RAVEN SPEAKS / Woody Herman 5/4/4/3

Bim Bam Bum Cole, George Guaracha Optional Vocals in Spanish (Bb) 4/3/2/4 (S)

Bionic Elephant, The Lowden, Bob Rock 5/4/4/4

Bionic Turkey, The Anderson, Tom Swing 5/4/4/4

Birdland Evans, Tom Jazz Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Birdland Herbolzheimer, Peter Jazz Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Birdland Kerchner, Larry Jazz Recorded by WEATHER REPORT 5/4/4/4

Birdland Lane, Nick As Recorded by Maynard Ferguson 5/4/4/4

Birdland Myagkov, Boris (Transcribed) Buddy Rich 6/5/4/4

Birdland Sweeney, Michael Rock 5/4/4/4

Birdland Taylor, Mark Shuffle Josef Zawinul 5/4/4/4

Birth Of The Blues, The Berry, John Swing 5/4/4/4

Birth Of The Blues, The Bb Dedrick, Art Swing Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4

Birth Of The Blues, The Lally, Jimmy Optional Vocals (C) / No Drums Part 5/3/2/3

Birth Of The Blues, The Sauter, Eddie Fox-Trot Optional Vocals (Bb) 5/3/3/4

Birthday Song, The Nowak, Jerry 5/3/3/4

Biscuits ‘N Honey Nestico, Sammy 5/4/4/4

Bittersweet Maiden, Willie Ballad / Swing Maynard Ferguson / Solo Trumpet 5/4/4/3

Bizet Has His Day Homer, Ben Bounce As Recorded by Les Brown / Based on Bizet’s L’Arlesienne Suite 4/3/3/4

Black Bottom Eb Dobschinski, Walter Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental / No Drums Part 5/3/3/3 (S)

Black Bottom Eb Lally, Jimmy Quickstep Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4

Black Bottom Bunny Berrigan Record Copy 5/4/4/4

Black Cow Higgins, John Funk Recorded by Steely Dan on ABC Records 5/4/4/4

Black Is The Color Tunick, Jonathan Trombone Solo 5/4/4/2

Black Magic Woman Berry, John Latin Rock Recorded by SANTANA 5/4/4/4

Black Velvet Mundy, Jimmy & Jacquet, Illinois 5/4/4/4

Blackbird Amy, Matt (Transcribed) Swing As Recorded by Arturo Sandoval 5/5/4/4

Blackbird Farber, Mitch Rock John Lennon & Paul McCartney 5/4/4/4

Blackjack Farber, Mitch & Grigg, Alan Rock A Donald Byrd Composition 5/4/4/4

Blacknail Davies, Tim 5/5/4/4

Blackpool Walk, The Lally, Jimmy Fox-Trot A Horatio Nicholls Composition / Optional Vocals (C) 4/3/2/4 (S)

Blame It On The Bossa Nova F Warrington, Johnny Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Blee Blop Blues A Count Basie Chart 5/5/4/4

Bless Johnny Broadbent, Alan As Performed by Woody Herman 5/4/4/3

Blood Count Strayhorn, Billy Ballad Duke Ellington 5/4/4/2

Blowin’ The Blues Holcombe, Bill 5/4/4/4

Blowin’ Up A Storm Bishop, Joe Jump Woody Herman & Neal Hefti 5/3/3/4

Blowin’ Up A Storm Bishop, Joe Jump Woody Herman & Neal Hefti 5/4/4/4

Blue Brisker, Gordon Ballad Bobby Shew / In Memory of Blue Mitchell / Solo Flugelhorn Feature 5/5/4/4

Blue Eastwood, Ted Fox-Trot Leslie, Clark & Handman / Optional Vocals (Bb) 4/2/1/3 (S)

Blue And Sentimental Hathaway, Charlie Count Basie / Optional Vocals (Eb) 4/3/2/4

Blue Basket Harris, Matt Funk Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Blue Bayou Stuart, Walt 5/4/4/4

Blue Birdland Turner, Jeff Blues 5/5/4/4

Blue Bones Spera, Dominic Swing 5/4/4/4

Blue Bossa Amy, Matt Funk Samba Trombone Section Feature 5/4/5/4

Blue Bossa Johnson, Sy Latin 5/4/4/4

Blue Bossa Kubis, Tom Samba 5/4/4/4

Blue Cellophane Berger, David (Transcribed) Swing Duke Ellington 5/4/3/3

Blue Champagne Dedrick, Art Watts & Ryerson / Solo Bari Sax Feature / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Blue Champagne Wolpe, Dave 5/4/4/4

Blue Chip Nestico, Sammy From the library of the Count Basie Orchestra 5/4/4/4

Blue Christmas F Alexander, Van Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Blue Daniel McConnell, Rob Swing Recorded by Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass on TRIBUTE 5/5/5/4

Blue Danube Waltz Lampe, Dell Waltz No Drums Part 4/3/2/3

Blue Flame Bishop, Joe Blues Recorded on Decca Record / Optional Vocals (Bb) 5/4/4/4

Blue Funk Lipsius, Fred Blues Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Blue Gene Roland, Gene Maynard Ferguson 5/5/5/3

Blue Hawaii Lally, Jimmy Elvis Presley / Optional Vocals (Bb) 5/3/2/4 (S)

Blue Highways Ferguson, Paul Swing 5/5/4/3

Blue Interlude Paige, Bert & Stone, Pol 5/3/3/4

Blue Invasion Bellson, Louie Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Blue Jakub Cieslak, John Swing 5/4/4/4

Blue Midnight Neeck, Larry Rock Ballad Solo Alto Sax or Trumpet/Flugelhorn Feature 5/5/4/4

Blue Miles Washut, Bob Funk Shuffle Chick Corea 5/4/4/4

Blue Moan Sebesky, Don Blues Tenor Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Blue Monk Atkins, C. Blues Thelonious Monk 5/4/4/4

Blue Monk Pierce, Nat Woody Herman 5/5/4/4

Blue Monk Taylor, Mark Swing Thelonious Monk / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Blue Monkey Cieslak, John Blues 5/4/4/4

Blue Moon Maltby, Richard Rock 5/4/4/4

Blue Moon Eb Warrington, Johnny Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4

Blue Moon Warrington, Johnny Optional Vocals (Eb) 5/3/3/4

Blue Moon C Wolpe, Dave Swing Substitute Tenor Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Blue ‘N’ Boogie Flory, Med As Recorded by SUPERSAX / John “Dizzy” Gillespie & Frank Paparelli 5/1/1/3

Blue Prelude Sample, Steve Ballad Solo Bass Trombone Feature 5/5/5/4

Blue Prelude Stuart, Walt No Drums Part 4/4/4/2

Blue Reeds Rogers, Shorty Blues 5/4/4/4

Blue Rondo a la Turk Custer, Calvin A Dave Brubeck Composition 5/4/4/4

Blue Room Henderson, Fletcher As Recorded by the Benny Goodman Orchestra / Clarinet Feature 6/4/4/4

Blue Room Jump Norman, Fred Jump Count Basie 5/2/3/4 (S)

Blue Room, The F Lally, Jimmy Bounce A Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers Composition / Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4

Blue Serge Anderson, Gary Ballad Tenor Sax & Flugelhorn Feature 5/4/4/3

Blue Skies Henderson, Fletcher As Recorded & Played by Benny Goodman / Clarinet Feature 6/4/4/4

Blue Skies Mason, Jack Optional Vocals (Fm) 4/3/2/3

Blue Skies Taylor, Mark Samba Irving Berlin 5/4/4/4

Blue Star Warrington, Johnny Fox-Trot A Young & Heyman Composition / Optional Vocals (Eb or Bb) 5/3/3/4 (S)

Blue Suede Shoes Barovick, Fred Rock Optional Vocals (F) 5/2/1/4

Blue Suede Shoes Holmes, Roger Swing 5/4/4/4

Blue Tango Hyde, Paul (Dr. Bone) Tango From the Library of the Johnny Spice Swing Orchestra 5/4/4/4

Blue Tango Warrington, Johnny Tango Leroy Anderson 5/3/3/4

Blue Train (Blue Trane) Sweeney, Michael Swing John Coltrane 5/4/3/4

Blue Train (Blue Trane) Taylor, Mark Swing John Coltrane / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Blue Velvet Stuart, Walt 5/3/3/3

Blue Velvet Stuart, Walt Ballad 5/4/4/4

Blue Velvet Warrington, Johnny A Bernie Wayne & Lee Morris Composition / Optional Vocals (Bb or F) 4/3/2/4

Blueberry Hill Warrington, Johnny Optional Vocals (Bb or Eb) 5/3/3/4

Blueberry Hill Wolpe, Dave Swing 5/4/4/4

Bluer Than Blue Wilkins, Ernie As Recorded by the Newport Youth Band on Coral Records 5/4/4/4

Blues Sauter, Eddie Blues From “An American In Paris” 5/3/2/4

Blues All Day, Blues All Night Wilkins, Ernie 5/4/4/4

Blues And The Abscessed Tooth Catingub, Matt Swing 5/5/5/4

Blues And The Abstract Truth Nelson, Oliver Swing As Recorded on MORE BLUES and the ABSTRACT TRUTH (1964) 5/4/4/3

Blues Before And Because Of Cieslak, John Basie Groove 5/4/4/4

Blues Brothers Megamix Vol. 2 Tanner, Dave Medley: Peter Gunn, Minnie The Moocher, She Caught The Katy And … 5/4/3/4

Blues Brothers Theme 4/3/3/4

Blues Chorale Newsom, Tom A Carl Severinsen & Tom Newsom Composition 5/4/4/4

Blues Dirge Farber, Mitch 5/4/4/4

Blues Down Below Steinberg, Jeff Shuffle 5/5/4/4

Blues For A Flautist Williams, Vic Jazz Swing Solo Flute Feature 6/4/4/4

Blues For A Two Wattled Cassowary Montgomery, Bob Down Home Blues 4/5/5/4

Blues For A Workshop Jones, Thad Swing 5/5/5/4

Blues For Alfy Holman, Bill 5/5/4/4

Blues For Bart Gingery, Ralph Blues 5/4/4/4

Blues For Big “E” Wilkins, Ernie 5/4/4/4

Blues For Buddy Blues 5/4/4/4

Blues For Cat Vuono Jr, Rob Swing 5/4/4/4

Blues For Hire Tomaro, Mike Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Blues For Kapp Curnow, Robert (Edited) Swing As Recorded by the Maynard Ferguson Birdland Dream Band 5/4/4/4

Blues For Me ‘N Turtle Goodwin, Gordon Blues 5/4/4/4

Blues For Mr. P Martin, Jim Swing 5/4/4/3

Blues For Pablo Evans, Gil Solo Tenor Sax Feature 6/4/4/4

Blues For Poland Klatka, Tony Swing Woody Herman / As Recorded on the album THUNDERING HERD 5/5/3/3

Blues For Red Fedchock, John Blues As Recorded by the Woody Herman Big Band on Concord Records 5/4/4/3

Blues For Rein Matteson, Rich 5/4/4/4

Blues For Samantha Montgomery, Bob Rock 5/4/4/4

Blues For Stephanie Clayton Jr, John Blues 5/4/4/4

Blues For The “Wee” One Jones, Thad Swing 5/5/4/4

Blues For The PBB Svoboda, Milan Swing 5/4/4/4

Blues For Waldo Barduhn, Dave Swing Dedicated to Waldo King 5/4/4/4

Blues For Yna Yna Wilson, Gerald Waltz Recorded on “Orchestra of the 90s” and “New York, New Sound” 5/4/4/4

Blues From “An American In Paris” Sauter, Eddie Blues George Gershwin 5/3/3/4 (S)

Blues From Around Here Baylock, Alan Shuffle Recorded by Maynard Ferguson on “One More Trip To Birdland” 5/5/5/4

Blues In Flat E Ojeda, Bob 5/4/4/4

Blues In Frankie’s Flat (Blues In Hoss’ Flat) Foster, Frank Blues Count Basie 5/4/4/4

Blues In Hoss Flat Taylor, Mark Shuffle Count Basie / In Bb 5/4/4/4

Blues In Hoss Flat Taylor, Mark Shuffle Count Basie / In Eb 5/4/4/4

Blues In The Night Comstock, Frank Blues 5/3/3/4

Blues In The Night Custer, Calvin Swing 5/4/4/4

Blues In The Night Jennings, Paul Blues 5/4/4/4

Blues In The Night Bb Schoen, Vic Blues Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4 (S)

Blues In The Night Schoen, Vic Blues Optional Vocals (Bb) 5/4/4/4

Blues In The Night Stone, George Swing 5/4/4/4

Blues In The Nite Lucia, Bob Blues Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Blues Machine Sweeney, Michael Swing 5/3/3/4

Blues Machine, The Nestico, Sammy Jazz From the Library of the Count Basie Orchestra 5/4/4/4

Blues On Parade Noble, James Woody Herman 5/4/4/4

Blues Right Down To The Shues Schamber, Don Blues 5/4/4/4

Bluesette Hooper, Les Jazz Waltz 5/4/4/4

Bluesette Osser, Glenn Waltz 5/4/4/4

“Bluest” Blues, The Kubis, Tom A Steve Allen Composition 5/4/4/3

Bluff Point LaBarbera, John Swing 5/4/4/4

Body And Soul Barduhn, Dave Ballad Solo Tenor Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Body And Soul Bishop, Keith Ballad Solo Alto, Tenor or Bari Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Body And Soul Conley Ballad Solo Alto Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Body And Soul Evans, Tom 6/4/4/4

Body And Soul Goodwin, Gordon Ballad Arranged for James Moody 5/4/4/4

Body And Soul Paich, Marty Stan Kenton’s Recorded Arrangement 5/5/4/3

Body And Soul Paul, Walter Fox-Trot No Drums Part 5/3/2/3

Body And Soul Stone, George Swing 5/4/4/4

Body And Soul Stuart, Walt Ballad Solo Alto Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Bolero Branga, Roger Bolero Maurice Ravel 4/2/1/3 (S)

Bolero At The Savoy Mundy, James Swing Krupa, Biondi, Carpenter & Mundy / Optional Vocals (in C) / No Drums Part 4/3/2/3

Bonaparte’s Retreat Hayman, Richard Dixie Rock Pee Wee King 5/4/4/4

Bone Case Full O’ Blues Berry, John Swing Trombone Section Feature 5/4/5/3

Bone Voyage Niehaus, Lennie Swing 5/4/4/4

Bones For Basie Hare, Alan 5/5/5/4

Boogie Blues Noble, James Blues Gene Krupa & Ray Biondi / Optional Vocals (Eb) 5/4/4/4

Boogie Down G Burger, Eric As Sung by Al Jarreau / Substitute Soprano, Tenor Sax or Trombone Solo 5/4/4/4

Boogie Down Sweeney, Michael Funk Al Jarreau 5/4/4/4

Boogie Woogie (I May Be Wrong) Norman, Fred Boogie Recorded by Count Basie & Jimmy Rushing / Optional Vocals (C) 5/3/3/4 (S)

Boogie Woogie (The Original) Kincaide, Deane Boogie A Tommy Dorsey Arrangement 4/3/2/4 (S)

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Capps, Al 5/4/4/4

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Norred, Larry Swing 5/4/4/4

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Sweeney, Michael Swing 5/4/4/4

Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes Stuart, Walt Rock Optional Vocals (Dm) 5/4/4/4 (S)

Boogie Woogie Maxixe Matlock, Matty Boogie A Gil Rodin Composition 5/3/3/4 (S)

Boogie Woogie Maxixe Matlock, Matty Boogie A Gil Rodin Composition 5/4/4/4 (S)

Booke Ends Kubis, Tom Jazz 5/4/4/4

Boom Boom Murtha, Paul Swing Recorded by John Lee Hooker 5/4/4/4

Boomerang Chattaway, Jay Island Fusion Groove 5/4/4/4

Boot Scootin’ Boogie Blair, Peter Country Shuffle Recorded by Brooks & Dunn 5/4/4/4

Booze Brothers Foster, Frank Blues As Recorded by the Count Basie Orchestra on “The Legend & The Legacy” 5/5/4/4

Boplicity Hooper, Les Swing A Cleo Henry Composition 5/4/4/4

Bopularity (There Will Never Be Another You) Catingub, Matt Jazz Optional Vibes 6/5/5/4

Born Free Clements, Richard From the Columbia Pictures Release “BORN FREE” 5/4/4/4

Born Free Db Fones, Tony Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4

Born Free Stuart, Walt Swing Solo Trombone 5/4/4/3

Born To Be Blue Abene, Mike Ballad A Mel Torme Composition / Maynard Ferguson / Trumpet Solo 4/4/2/3

Born To Be Wild Burger, Eric 5/4/4/4

Born To Be Wild Holmes, Roger Rock 5/4/4/4

Born To Be Wild Sweeney, Michael Rock A Mars Bonfire Composition 5/4/4/4

Born Too Late Bb Warrington, Johnny Female Vocal Trio Option / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Boss Talk Swearingen, Jim Rock 5/4/4/4

Bossa For Ralph-Baby Asch, Pete Bossa Nova 5/4/4/4

Bossa Niecasa Niehaus, Lennie Bossa Ballad 5/4/4/4

Bossa Nova Caudill, Jim Andy Bossa Nova 5/4/4/4

Bossa Nova U.S.A. Brubeck, Howard Latin Recorded by the Dave Brubeck Quartet / Arranged for Stage Band 5/4/4/4

Boulder Buff Norman, Fred Groove As Recorded by Glenn Miller / Bluebird Record No. 11163 4/3/2/4

Boy Meets Horn Stuart, Walt 5/4/4/4

Boy Next Door, The Saville, Tommy Waltz 5/4/4/4

Boys Of Wexford 4/3/3/2

Brain Sprain Clark, Andy Rock 5/3/3/4

Brand X Byers, Billy For the Count Basie Band 5/4/4/4

Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) Dedrick, Chris Rock An Elliot Lurie Composition 5/4/4/4

Brasilia Eb Nestico, Sammy Bossa Nova Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4

Brass Machine Taylor, Mark Rock Trumpet Section Feature 5/4/4/4

Brass Offerings Webb, Roger 5/4/4/4

Brassroots Niehaus, Lennie Swing 5/4/4/4

Brazil Ab Mason, Jack Samba Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4

Brazil McNeill, Chip & Garling, Tom Latin Maynard Ferguson / From Concord Jazz re-release “Footpath Café” 5/4/4/4

Brazil Mossman, Michael Philip Samba 5/4/4/3

Brazil Stuart, Walt Rock Paso Doble 5/4/4/4

Brazil Wolpe, Dave Samba 5/4/4/4

Brazil Nuts Osser, Glenn & Edna Samba 5/4/4/4

Brazilian Affair, A Mintzer, Bob Samba 5/4/4/4

Brazilian Fantasy Zito, Torrie Bossa Rock 5/4/4/4

Brazilian Pastels Fenno, Dick Bossa Nova Alto Sax Duet 5/4/4/4

Brazilian Rose Nestico, Sammy Latin 5/4/4/4

Break The Ice McNeill, Chip Latin Recorded by Maynard Ferguson on “Footpath Café” / Solo Trumpet 5/5/4/4

Breakfast Wine Aldcroft, Randy Swing Bobby Shew / Solo Flugelhorn Feature 5/5/4/4

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Wolpe, Dave Neil Sedaka 5/4/4/4

Breakout Gingery, Ralph Rock 5/4/4/4

Breezin’ Sweeney, Michael Swing 5/3/3/4

Brian’s Song Engel, Sid From the Screen Gems TV Production “BRIAN’S SONG” / No Drums Part 5/4/4/3

Bride And Groom Polka Warrington, Johnny Polka Optional Vocals (Ab) 5/3/3/4 (S)

Bridge Over Troubled Water Mansfield, Keith Paul Simon / Solo Trumpet Feature / Maynard Ferguson 5/5/4/4

Bridge Over Troubled Water Warrington, Johnny Paul Simon 5/4/4/4

Brigitte Cray, Gil Ballad Airmen Of Note / Flugelhorn Solo Feature 5/4/4/4

Broadway Como, Frank Swing 5/4/4/4

Broadway Lester, Jim (Transcribed) Count Basie 78 4/3/2/3

Broadway Nestico, Sammy Jazz Byrd, McRae & Woode 5/4/4/4

Broadway Richards, Johnny Byrd, McRae & Woode 5/4/4/4

Broadway Byrd, McRae & Woode 5/4/4/4

Broadway Joe Wilkins, Ernie Swing Clark Terry / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/5/4/4

Broken Hearted Melody Johnson, Chas Waltz An Isham Jones Composition 5/2/1/3 (S)

Brotherhood Of Man Klatka, Tony Swing Recorded by Woody Herman in “Feelin’ So Blue” / Trumpet Duet Feature 5/5/3/3

Brown Baggin’ It Wolpe, Dave Swing To Les Brown and the Band Of Renown 5/4/4/4

Brown Boy 5/5/4/3

Brown Eyed Girl Murtha, Paul Latin Van Morrison 5/4/4/4

Brown’s Little Jug Jazz 5/4/4/3

Brownsville Express, The Wilkins, Ernie Swing 5/4/4/4

Bruiser’s Blues Taylor, Mark Swing 5/4/4/4

Brush Taps Bellson, Louie & Taylor, Mark Swing 5/4/4/4

Brush-Off, The Dedrick, Art Swing 5/4/4/4

Buckethead Shuffle, The Stone, George Shuffle A Tony Guerrero Composition 5/4/4/4

Buckle Down, Winsocki G Mason, Jack 6/8 March Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane / Optional Vocal Trio / Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4

Bud & Bird Evans, Gil 3/3/1/3

Bud Loop Hoffman, David Swing 5/5/5/3

Bugle Call Rag Bernhardt, Eric (Transcribed) As Played by Buddy Rich 5/4/4/4

Bugle Call Rag Holman, Bill Swing As Written for & Performed by Doc Severinsen / Solo Trumpet 5/5/4/4

Bugle Call Rag Norred, Larry Swing 5/4/4/4

Bugle Call Rag Glenn Miller Library 5/4/4/4

Bugle Call Rag Glenn Miller Record Copy 5/4/4/4

Bugler’s Dream (Olympic Fanfare) McGahan, Jon A Leo Arnaud Composition 5/4/4/4

Bundle O’ Funk Nestico, Sammy Rock 5/4/4/4

Bunny Hop, The Estes, Bud Bounce Ray Anthony and Leonard Auletti 5/3/3/4

Bunny Hop, The Reynolds, Dick Bounce A Ray Anthony & Leonard Auletti Composition 5/3/3/4

Bunny Hop, The Bb Riddle, Nelson Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Burning Heart Lavender, Paul Rock Recorded by SURVIVOR / From the Motion Picture “ROCKY IV” 5/4/4/4

Business Man’s Medley #1 Stuart, Walt Medley: I’ll Take Manhattan, How About You, It’s Delovely & Lullaby Of Broadway 5/4/4/4

Business Man’s Medley #2 Stuart, Walt Medley: Cheek To Cheek, Bye Bye Blackbird, Mountain Greenery & Chicago 5/4/4/4 (S)

Business Man’s Medley #3 Stuart, Walt Medley: Mame, Cabaret, Comin’ Up Roses & Hello Dolly 5/4/4/4 (S)

Business Man’s Medley #5 Stuart, Walt Medley: Just One Of Those Things, The Continental & I Get A Kick Out Of You 5/4/4/4 (S)

Business Man’s Medley #6 Stuart, Walt Medley: You’re Just In Love, All Of You & I Love Paris 5/4/4/3 (S)

Busman’s Holiday Williams, George A Ray Anthony & George Williams Composition 5/3/3/4

But Beautiful Dedrick Art Swing 5/4/4/4

But Beautiful Kenton, Stan 5/4/4/4

But Beautiful Metzger, David Ballad Maynard Ferguson / Solo Trumpet & Flugelhorn 4/5/4/4

But Beautiful Niehaus, Lennie Ballad As Recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra / Edited by Robert Curnow 5/5/4/4

But Beautiful Stuart, Walt Swing A Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Heusen Composition 5/4/4/4

But I Do Bb Lally, Jimmy A Robert Guidry & Paul Gayten Composition / Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4 (S)

But Not For Me C > G Barovick, Fred Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4 (S)

But Not For Me Davis, Tom Swing 5/4/4/4

But Not For Me Mintzer, Bob Swing 5/4/4/4

But Not For Me Wolpe, Dave Swing 5/4/4/4

Butternut Strut Niehaus, Lennie Swing 5/4/4/4

Button Up Your Overcoat Dedric, Rusty Swing 5/4/4/4

Button Up Your Overcoat G Lally, Jimmy Bounce Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4

By All Means! Nestico, Sammy Swing 5/4/4/4

By Heck Henry, S. R. & Gilbert, Wolfe New Square Dance Version / No Drums Part 4/2/1/3

By The Time I Get To Phoenix Grismer, Ray 5/4/4/4

By The Time I Get To Phoenix Houghton, Ernie Solo Soprano Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

By The Time I Get To Phoenix Stuart, Walt 5/4/4/4

Bye Bye Blackbird Berg, Kris Swing Written for the Association of Texas School Bands 5/4/4/4

Bye Bye Blackbird Martin, Jim Jazz Commissioned by the United States Airmen Of Note 5/4/4/4

Bye Bye Blackbird Spera, Dominic 5/6/4/4

Bye Bye Blackbird Strommen, Carl A La Basie 5/4/4/4

Bye Bye Blackbird Taylor, Mark Swing 5/4/4/4

Bye Bye Blackbird Wolpe, Dave Swing 5/4/4/4

Bye Bye Blackbird Swing Optional Vocals (Db) / Lyrics Sheet 5/4/4/3

Bye Bye Blues Bambridge, John Shuffle Recorded by Doc Severinsen’s Tonight Show Band 5/4/3/4

Bye Bye Blues Swing a la Burt Kaempfert 5/4/4/4

Bye Bye Love Wasson, John Swing Felice & Boudleaux Bryant / Recorded by Ray Charles / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Byte Syze Wright, Steve Bossa 5/4/4/4


5/4/4/4 = 5 woodwinds/4 trumpets/4 trombones/4 rhythm

5/5/4/3 = 5 woodwinds/5 trumpets/4 trombones/3 rhythm

4/3/2/4 (S) = 4 woodwinds/3 trumpets/2 trombones/4 rhythm (optional strings)

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